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The Process

A first time project will typically follow these steps:

  • The project owner will fill out the 'business > start here form, or discuss the project with an already established contact.
  • To ensure we have enough information to work with, the project details will be reviewed, it is possible we will contact you to clarify points before the project is passed to an analyst.
  • The analyst will make an assessment about the project; if we are well placed to handle the task (we can't do everything); what resources or processes would be required to fulfill the project; etc.. and therefore generate a 'feasibility & approach' (FnA) document.
  • A business lead will then contact you with the FnA report. Based on feedback and/or any changes you may have, produce a quote to fulfill your project.
  • The rest of the project should then follow as set out in the PnA document.


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