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The Big Idea

Clearscene has been in business providing bespoke business solutions for over 15 years. In that time our model for working with our customers and staff, and the way we work to fulfill solutions has evolved. This model is still adapting to meet both our and our customers needs.

Understanding us and our unique model will go a long way to understanding why we are so successful, and why we could be so for you.

Our core ideal is to be as flexible as possible without compromising good practice, and that includes ensuring quality, reliability and transparency, in everything we do.

For example, having a clearly defined process in every part of business life is essential, but if a process does not fit to something new that we may start to do, or if someone has a bright idea on how to make the process more efficient, easier to understand or just plain more enjoyable to do, then the process can be updated. But not before everyone (and that could include, and quite often does include: the new guy; the cleaner; our customers; or even the person doing the work) has had a chance to discuss the change. In this way, we are able to harness the best that each stakeholder can offer, relevant to their perspective or field of expertise.

The above is just an example, but holds true to the whole way we think about doing business.

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