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Okay, so you've read the information, you know what your getting yourself into and you're egar to get involved. This is the place to start.

Registration is not the simplest process, sp before you start, ensure you have the following to hand:

  • Your personal information (not too difficult, this one);
  • A current CV;
  • A scan or photo of your local photo ID (passport/ drivers licence/ etc);
  • A scan or photo of two recent bills that show your current address;
  • An email address you can access;
  • Local tax information (UK - P60, Natinal Insurance No: US - W2, Watsit No)
  • Key id of your publicly published 'Public Key' (GPG or pgp) (or generate one here).
  • Ensure that all the details match each other. eg. The email address you use is the email address used in your 'public key'; You postal address matches the one on your CV and the scans of recent bills; etc...

Once this is all together, move onto the next step.